The Women Cultural Association of Amorgos and the Municipality of Amorgos, are pleased to announce the 10th International Amorgos Tourism Film Festival which will be held on the Greek island of Amorgos from the 31st October to the 5th of November, 2019.

The main goal of Amorgos Film Festival is to set up an international platform, encouraging global tourism through audio-visual media, to promote the culture and sustainable tourism of Amorgos, the Cyclades Region & Greece and to preserve the environment locally and internationally.

The 10th Amorgos Film Festival is dedicated to the French director Luc Besson for his contribution to the development of Amorgos, thanks to his famous film “Big Blue”.

The Amorgos Film Festival is a member of CIFFT (Comité International des Festivals du Film Touristique.), a Festival Committee, with currently 18 Tourism Film Festival Members around the globe.

All evening screenings and lectures will be open to the public so that the inhabitants of Amorgos as well as visitors have the chance to participate and draw information on current developments in the areas of culture and tourism. There will be access to people with disabilities.

The “17th Amorgos Convention of Culture & Tourism” will take place at the same time, dedicated to “Cultural landscape” and will focus on:

  • Gastronomy, Ecology, Rural Amorgos Architecture and Unesco

The organizers are dedicated to successfully completing this initiative, which will help in the tourism development of our region.

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